Family Care & Enrichment (F.A.C.E) Ministry  is responsible for equipping and enriching families: married couples, engaged couples, singles, widows, widowers, orphans and many more through care groups, counselling and mentorship programs.


To enrich marriages and the mandate of the modern family unit through care groups, counselling and mentorship programs.


  • Recruit each married couple into a Married Couple Care Group (MCCG)
  • Encourage peer mentoring and discipleship within the MCCG
  • To equip couples intending to get married by giving structured pre-marital counselling
  • To impact families to become central discipling units of the church and society
  • Design and implement comprehensive programs for widowers, widows, orphans, senior singles and other groups with special needs
  • Design and implement a comprehensive parenting, teaching and training programs
  • Develop an engaging and robust program for singles